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Confidental has been offering the complete spectrum of (aesthetic) dental care at the highest level for over 13 years. A team of specialists strives, with you, to ensure healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime.

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Oral Hygiene and Periodontology

Good dental health is important for your teeth, but also for your entire body. A healthy mouth leads to less change of physical disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, rheumatism and dementia. Your dental hygienist will clean your teeth professionally and will explain how you can keep your teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Periodontology focuses on the supporting tissues of the teeth and molars, the jawbone and the gums. Periodontal infections are called periodontitis. As a result, teeth and molars can become loose and even fall out. Periodontitis cannot be resolved on its own and is treated over several sessions.


An orthodontic treatment straightens the teeth and molars so that the lower and upper teeth fit well together and look beautiful and normal. The treatment can be performed with braces and aligners. Aligners are plastic bits with which the teeth are straightened. Confidental works with Sure Smile, a very good and affordable aligner system.

Paediatric dentistry

It is very important to visit the dentist from a very young age. The dentist will check a child’s teeth from age 2.5 or 3 years. Children gets used to the dentist by accompanying their parents to visits. Children start losing baby teeth and molars around age 6. The first, permanent molars also come in at this age. Since these molars are still fragile, they are often covered with a protective layer or treated with fluoride. The Confidental dental hygienist will show you and your child how best to keep your teeth clean.


Our bleaching systems

Everyone wants clean and white teeth. Well-cared-for teeth are good for your health, but it also gives you self-confidence. Whitening your teeth is safe and should only be offered and performed by your dentist. Confidental offers products for home use or treatment at the practice.